Do You Really Need Directions On This?

On some packages of cheese I have been getting lately, they have recipes on how to make simple sandwiches. Nothing fancy, just your normal, run of the mill sandwich which any chimp can figure out. Ham and cheese croissant: slice apart croissant and slide your ham and cheese into it. How bloody hard is that? If you’re going to put a recipe on the back of a package, make it something that maybe not every single American over the age of 4 has thought about doing.


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3 Responses to Do You Really Need Directions On This?

  1. Worst thing I ever came across was a packet of peanuts on an airline. It bore the instructions “Open packet; eat contents”. When I was chatting with one of the cabin crew later, I asked what the heck else would anyone do with a packet of peanuts. His response? “You don’t want to know!”

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