So Judgmental!

A lot of things on the internet can be disturbing. I ran across a headline on an entertainment site today that actually pointed out ugly spouses of celebrities. I won’t link it because I refuse to give that site any extra hits. This passes for entertainment these days? This is nothing but hate in my opinion. Yes, some people in the world aren’t perfect on the outside, but do you really have to point it out to the world? Are celebrities only supposed to have significant others who a certain segment of the population deems beautiful? Everyone has flaws that we would prefer not to have pointed out. Also, just because someone isn’t what they think of as a catch in their eyes, does not mean that the person does not have other good qualities that the one they are with doesn’t see.

Making fun of other people’s looks is not funny and is actually quite hurtful. It’s sad that people do this type of thing. Granted, it has been going on for centuries before the internet, but with internet it gets broadcast to the world. Just the other day I saw people online picking apart Benedict Cumberbatch because of some glasses he has been wearing. The greatest actor of my generation to walk this planet and people are picking on him because of some glasses. I think that man is handsome even with glasses. Hell, he would look fine in a burlap sack and nothing else lol. I’m so glad he doesn’t read blogs.

Anyways, before you judge someone based on their looks or the clothes they wear, look in the mirror because I am sure you will find a feature you may be a bit self conscious about and not like people to broadcast it all over the world. And if you think you’re flawless, think again because beauty standards are not universal. Humans are way too caught up on looks and fashion and many make themselves sick or worse to try and fit into everyone elses standards. Judging people based on their looks is distasteful on so many levels. I myself have been a victim of this pretty much all my life and I can tell you it sucks and does nothing for the self esteem.


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