Restrain Yourselves Crazy People

Some things I read irritate the hell out of me, stories of other people’s actions. It’s unsettling to hear reports of someone being stalked constantly just because the person happens to be a celebrity. This is not just about my favorites, one of whom is having this issue at the moment, but about all celebrities no matter what they are famous for. Actors, musicians, athletes, and artists of all mediums are people too, deserving of respect you would give any other person you come across in your travels. They are not animals in a zoo or laboratory to be constantly monitored or grabbed at. They do their jobs which put them in the public spotlight, but once that spotlight is off and they try and do whatever you would normally do on your downtime, they should be given their space. Nobody should be camping outside of their hotel rooms or snapping sneaky pictures without asking. It’s sad and its creepy. This behavior ruins a potential meeting with a proper fan who has patiently waited for a long time to be able to walk up to that person they so admire just to let them know how much they appreciate their work. Crazy stalker types, and those that run around screaming and flailing their arms about madly and acting like a total idiot creep out celebrities (wouldn’t it creep you out if this happened to you?) and makes them not want to interact with their fans. It also does no good for the image of a particular fandom when a few decide to go the creepy fan route.

Would you like some stranger running up to you, screaming at the top of their lungs? Would you want some stranger grabbing at you? Would you want a stranger taking pictures of you every where you go or post your every movement up on social media? Would you like someone up in your tree or hiding in your garbage bins in your yard? Think about these things and have a bit of common courtesy. Sometimes all a guy wants to do is have a drink with some friends at a local watering hole, or maybe the lady over there just wants to take her kids out for an ice cream cone. Think about these things before doing something stupid and show other people, famous or not, the respect you would like other people to show you.

I’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of ever meeting one of my favorite actors or musicians. But if hell ever did freeze over and I met one of them, I would like it to be a pleasant experience instead of them thinking “Oh god not another one!”


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