Laugh, Face Palm, or Both?

With all the crap that has been swimming around in my head lately, I almost forgot to post this funny happening I witnessed on Twitter last night. Funny or sad, I’m not sure which. Maybe both. So anyways, I notice a general tweet by Leonard Nimoy to all of his followers announcing that “The Cage” Star Trek pilot started filming 11/27/64 and therefore will soon hit the 50 year milestone. Now clearly someone responding to this tweet, one would think, would know their Star Trek and know who Leonard Nimoy is considering the fact that they are following him right? A couple of the responders decided to actually contradict the man, stating that the episode was actually “The Menagerie”! First off, I can forgive a little bit of ignorance with the historical timeline or not realizing that “The Cage” was indeed a whole actual episode. What struck me as being worthy of a laugh or facepalm or both was the fact these people were correcting the very actor who was in that very first episode! Contradicting the man who played Mr. Spock himself. Most illogical.

A bit of trivial trivia: “The Cage” was indeed the original pilot for Star Trek, but was never aired until the 1980s as a special. Most pilots don’t get aired as they are usually just a way of showing a network what the show is about and a network will okay it totally or higlight things they want to make changes to. The network at the time did not like elements of the original concept feeling it was too cerebral for the target audience and they did not feel it proper to have a woman as second in command. They didn’t much like Mr. Spock at first either but the show creator refused to budge on that one (for which I am glad since Mr. Spock has always been my favorite Star Trek character). A second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was made and the network okayed it even though “The Man Trap” was the first episode actually aired since they wanted to lead off with a scary space monster episode. A few episodes in they made the episode called “The Menagerie” which incorporated scenes from the original pilot. Every Star Trek fan knows these facts, even the young ones.

*waves fan flag proudly*


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