Just Nothing Going On

It’s been a slow week, absolutely nothing going on to really blog about. I blame the whole daylight saving time thing. Cannot find any other excuse for it so I will blame last weekend’s time change. Feels like it keeps creeping up on the U.S. earlier and earlier lol throwing everyone off. Causing more blahs in my already mundane existence for which I am still not sure about why I do exist as I have accomplished absolutely nothing in all of my years on the earth. Every day I wish I was never born or that I would just die but just as my family has often pointed out, wishes don’t mean a thing just like promises they are empty. Anyways, hopefully this weeek will produce something. But again, hope is like wishes and promises lol they do nothing. Yep, I’m a lunatic people, it happens when you deprive a brain. Nothing interesting ever goes on, I have a better chance or Benedict Cumberbatch showing up on my doorstep in a TARDIS than anything interesting and welcomed ever happening to me in my life.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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