More Silly Internet Quizzes

What Haircut Should You Actually Have?

You got: a wild, curly mane.

You’re the least pretentious person on the planet. You exude an innate confidence, which means you never have to try hard to be super cool. However your hair grows, there it is — although you’re not above spending the time and money it takes to look your best. via @IAM486

Funny thing about this one is this IS my actual hair lol


Which Classic “Star Wars” Character Are You?

You got: Han Solo

You’re the most notorious, sarcastic space cowboy known throughout the history of space. You’ve seen many moons, dive bars, and you’re not afraid to gamble. You’ll always be admired for shooting first. You have a loving side that others will have to work towards to see. Now go on, and live like the most badass character who’s ever stepped foot on the silver screen, you dirty scoundrel. via @jstnmchl

Awesome, Han was my first fictional character crush as a kid. My sister could crush on Luke Skywalker all she wanted, I wanted Han Solo to be the one to whisk me off to adventures in space. For earthly adventures it was Indiana Jones. Not sure what it was about characters Harrison Ford played but thought his characters were the best and most dashing.


I got Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty, if you’re weak)! Which Grimms’ Fairy Tale Princess Are You?

You got: Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty, if you’re weak)

Some people are embarrassed by their parents, but your parents’ bad manners almost kill you. Because they didn’t invite a lady to a party, she cursed you. You have a lot of great qualities — namely, you’re virtuous and beautiful and rich. Dudes would literally die just to see you, so that’s cool I guess. Sorry about your lame parents via @arianelange


I got Charles II! Which Monarch Are You?

You got: Charles II

Loved by all, philanthropic, and committed to a good time. Popular, aren’t you? via @ailbhetross



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