Uninvited Guest

I get home Wednesday night not expecting much as usual. I get into the door, throw my work stuff into the chair I usually throw my work stuff onto, then go back to the door and grab the mail out of the mailbox, close the door. Still, nothing out of the ordinary. I look through my mail and chow on the fries I bought on the way home and then begin to pour the dressing onto my salad. My cat does his normal nosing up to my food then lays down near me.

All of a sudden, halfway across the room under my coffee table I notice a big brown furry thing slowly making his way from one end to the other, stopping midway to look at me and nod his head as if to say hello and then proceed with walking between some boxes and behind my small sofa. One of my furry squirrel friends managed to get into my house! He wasn’t freaking out as most wild animals would when finding themselves trapped indoors. In fact, he was quite calm and acted as if it were a normal thing. I quickly grabbed my cat, who by this time took notice of the squirrel and was watching it. Put the cat into the bedroom, closed the door and then closed all other doors in the house. My little uninvited guest was actually quite polite not bothering anything, but I needed to safely get him out of the house.

I opened up the front door despite it being a balmy 12 degrees farenheit outside with a few inches of snow on the ground from the day’s snow storm. Squirrely was having none of it as he liked being behind my sofa instead. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my sponge mop and gently tapped it against one end of the sofa to draw him out. A few times he would poke his head out of the other end, but when I would go to the other end he wold pop his head right back in. Finally he comes out but instead of scurrying out the open front door, he quickly walks into the dining room and into the kitchen. He stopped and looked up at me with a wtf look on his little face as I closed the half door leading from the dining room into the kitchen. Trapped with nowhere to go. I spoke softly so he would not freak out too much as I reached over to the side door leading outside and opened it up. I think he finally got the joke and walked toward the door. He gives me one final glance and decides to walk outside into the snow under his own power.

I knew the squirrels in my tree were ballsy little buggers, but never thought one of them would really come into my house. Glad he still had his winter weight and lack of energy or else it probably would have been much harder to get him to leave. Although believe it or not, it is easier to get a wild animal back outdoors when one remains calm. If you freak out, the animal will freak out more. I’ve seen some real babies when it comes to a critter invasion. I would have snapped a pic but I was more concerned with getting back outside where he belonged.

After about 45 minutes I was finally able to finish my salad and get the snow outside shoveled by 11:30pm lol.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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