Another Silly Internet Quiz

This one was a no brainer. These internet quizzes can be mildly entertaining sometimes.

Personality Quiz: Which British Villain Are You?

Your result: You are Moriarty!

You only took this test because you are bored. Criminally bored. So bored you would cut off the ring finger of everyone in your area code with an X in their name just to see if it raises a smile. So bored you would come up with an elaborate plan to publicly disgrace a heart surgeon you don’t even know, just to pass the time.

So bored in fact that you have already stopped reading this and started to methodically throw kittens off a tall building to see if any passers-by will try and catch them, and risk getting a scratched iris for their troubles. The last kitten is actually a cobra that has swallowed a bomb. And will it make you any less bored?



About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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