A Sweet Taste From the Past

I will probably have to forego sweet treats for the rest of the week, but ohhh the taste was worth it. Somebody at the office I worked at today brought in true paczki to share with co-workers. Not the kind you get in the grocery store but actual, local bakery made paczki. So very yummy. Took me back to my days growing up in Hamtramck. I am neither Polish nor Catholic but once a year I, along with many in the metro Detroit area and beyond, would partake in that delicious yet calorie heavy Polish treat known as Paczki. Paczki only comes around on Fat Tuesday which for many Christian religious sects signals the coming of Lent, a time of abstaining from one or more things a person loves to induldge in as a symbol of their devotion to their faith (I think I remembered that right, I haven’t really been religious in so many years lol). Paczki are big time calorie bombs though, so best not to overdo it of course. And don’t let grocery stores fool you into thinking their jelly donuts are paczki because they are not. Only get Paczki from local bakeries especially the kind that specialize in Polish or European pastries. If you’re going to blow half of your daily caloric allowance on one little treat, do it right! How I had missed the taste, a sweet blast from the past.


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