Watching the Oscars

Last night I did something I haven’t done in many years. I sat and watched the Oscars on TV. Not sure what possessed me to do it, I usually just check the results online afterwards to see if any of my favorites win. But I sat through the whole 4 hours lol. I’m sure things would go a lot faster if they were to cut out a lot of the in between stuff, but maybe it’s there to prep for the next set of whatever. I have to say I was mildly entertained, although the pizza thing went on a bit longer than it should have. Some people gave good speeches, others were so boring you want someone to yank them off the stage. I’m quite happy with the best picture winner, “12 Years a Slave”, very deserving. Leonardo DiCaprio did not win again unfortunately, eventually he will. I still think Michael Fassbender should have won supporting actor, he was so convincingly evil in his role in “12 Years a Slave”. All other categories were deserving, the ones I paid attention to anyways. “Gravity”, a movie on my “to check out list” had quite a few awards thrown at them. The musical acts were all good. Some jokes fell flat, but then again many Oscar night jokes do. Ellen broke Twitter for a little bit, that was annoying as I was in the middle of a tweet. So overall not a horrid tv watching experience. If you don’t know who were all nominated and who won what and actually care to know you can find the list at or just about any other news website.

Of course I would be a bad fan if I did not mention Benedict Cumberbatch’s photo bombing of U2. He’s so adorable lol. Master of the craft he takes so seriously but is not ever afraid to ham it up a bit and have some fun.

Ahh my shining star, this year you presented an award at the Oscars but next year you will be getting one yourself and not only calling your mum to say you’re walking the red carpet but also telling her you’re bringing home a statuette! He has a couple projects set to come out this next Oscar season so fingers crossed.

Benedict at the Oscars

As far as the fashion goes, I am not one to judge. Taste is subjective and everyone will have their favorite styles and some will have bad things to say about other styles. I’ve never considered myself a fashionista though I know a lot of people chatter about what the celebrities wear at award shows.


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