Not Big Blockbusters But Still Entertaining

It’s too cold outside and I feel totally unmotivated to do anything, so I had a movie night! I think we all have those days in wintertime.

Tonight’s first movie was 2013’s “The World’s End” starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and directed by Edgar Wright who co-wrote the movie with Simon Pegg. I would classify this movie as sort of a dark comedy-drama-scifi sort of wierdness, but an entertaining wierdness. I was worried at first though as this movie did start off pretty slow. It begins with Gary King, played by Simon Pegg, a 40 year old man who is desparate to reclaim the happiness he had in his youth when he had the promises of all the good things in life ahead of him. He gets in contact with four of his old school pals and convinces them to relive their shared good times by going on a pub crawl in their old home town. They attempted a similar pub crawl 20 years before yet never got to finish all twelve pubs. Yeah I know, by this point I am thinking that this is going to be yet another relive the glory days of youth by going on a drink and party binge movie, but stick with it because after the first 30 minutes finally comes the fun part when strange things begin happening as the fivesome make their way from pub to pub trying to make it to The World’s End (double meaning here) because all is not what it appears to be in the old home town. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10, enjoyable but without too much thinking involved, definitely worth a watch.

The next film is an oldy but a goody entitled “Terror by Night”, a 1946 Sherlock Holmes movie starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray, and Dennis Hoey. While not the best of the Basil Rathbone Holmes stories, it is still an enjoyable little whodunit for people who love a mystery story or Sherlock Holmes. You can tell by this time that Mr. Rathbone was getting bored of the role but he still performs the part well. Sherlock Holmes is charged with the duty of protecting a valuable jewel, the Star of Rhodesia, while being transported by it’s owner on a train from London to Edinburgh. Of course to make the story you need to get the jewel stolen. And of course there is also a murder. Sherlock Holmes must solve the crime which takes a few interesting twists along the way. It certainly felt strange watching Nigel Bruce’s bumbling Dr. Watson after getting so used to Martin Freeman’s version who is anything but bumbling and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Although quite a simple story, the twists will keep you guessing until near the final reveal. This also gets a 7 out of 10 rating from me.


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