Silly Internet Quizzes Strike Again

Yep occasionally I do these things lol. This one seems to fit me really well lol.

Which BBC Sherlock Character are you?

You’re the genius himself! Always the smartest person in the room, lightning fast and generally brilliant. However, you’re changeable and easily bored. You frustrate others sometimes, but they love you and need you.

And apparently according to another quiz, Sherlock is my perfect man roflmao soooooo what might we deduce from this? lol Don’t answer that please!

Which Sherlock BBC Man Would Be Your Ideal Soul Mate?

Your ideal man is… Sherlock Holmes!
You need a man who is clever and exciting, and of course that means that Sherlock is the man for you.

It had been surprisingly easy to get Sherlock to pay attention to you, and it isn’t long before he asks you out on a date.

Of course, he doesn’t eat, but he encourages you to order whatever you wish.

While it’s apparent that he finds it difficult to show you how he feels, he does make an effort to allow his affection for you show.


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