What We Do to Ourselves

As I’ve gotten older, I have become more aware of what I put into my body. I am still far from being a health nut. When I eat oatmeal I put in enough sugar to negate any health benefits that it should provide and I refuse to give up totally on “comfort foods”. I will also not deprive myself of the occasional treat. I believe everything in moderation. I still however do read labels, which I rarely did before my twenties, and try to pick the lesser of evils when making food choices. I will choose real butter that has three or four ingredients I recognize over margarine that has about twenty ingredients that sound like a chemical science experiment. I prefer real cheeses, milk, meat, sugar, etc. over man-made synthesized alternatives. If I’m going to develop some sort of ailment due to my diet I like knowing what it is that’s doing it. That and I just detest the taste of artificial stuff no matter how much people try to convince me that it tastes the same. Trust me, artificial stuff tastes horrid.

Sometimes reading labels can be scary, especially when its an item you’ve probably had quite often since you were a kid. Like the aforementioned butter vs. margarine. Back in the ’80s my mother started buying margarine because it was cheaper than real butter. In my late twenties I switched to the real deal after reading the ingredients and never looked back. I just don’t drown my food in it. The other day I went in search of a can of chili to smother some fries with and actually chose a brand I was unfamiliar with because the brand I had known since childhood had a whole bunch of questionable stuff in it. Had an extra 100 calories but at least it listed actual meat as a first ingredient.

I also find myself steering clear of some candies and kid cereals I never had a problem eating when I was a kid. Stuff in bright day glow colors just don’t scream “edible” to me. What food in nature is flourescent blue and pink? Also you find that stuff claiming to be fruit flavored or even made with fruit has very little if any fruit at all. Was never one much for kiddie cereals anyways. Grape juice that has zero grapes in it but made with pear and apple juice and other stuff, hmmm something wrong there. Not to mention learning what exactly makes some of those food dyes (crushed beetles anyone?).

Younger people may think this merely just a gripe that comes with age but it’s really not. Some of us when we enter our twenties and thirties just tend to notice things more, becoming more attuned and aware of the world and ourselves. Some ignore these things while others make adjustments even if minor. I am not preaching, I can’t stand someone preaching about how to live. I am, as always, merely stating my opinion and observations and personal philosophy as people often do 🙂 I do not judge. We all have our way of doing things and there is no right or wrong. One day something will be fine but then the next day it is found to be deadly and then the next day after someone will find that it’s okay afterall.

Yeah I know, I’m all over tonight but hey it’s past my bedtime, I’m entitled to ramble a bit. Goodnight all lol,


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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