I Always Get So Sidetracked (or How My Brain Jumps Around)

Okay, got to love the way my brain works sometimes. Common occurrance this is. Hours ago, when I finally dragged myself out of bed, I decided on what I was probably going to do today. I was going to take a few hours away from the computer for one thing, all this sitting cannot be healthy for me and I am a bit stir crazy as well since my original inborn instinct was never to be still in one place for too long because if I did I would probably explode or go insane. Anyways, I had some cereal then chatted with my mum on the phone for a bit, then sat down intending to only read emails then get cracking on some reading or maybe some sorting through the pile that has once again grown to mammoth proportions on the tv tray next to my desk. Instead, after the emails I decided to upload a couple of pictures I recently took to my computer to edit and use them on my facebook and twitter profiles. I get onto facebook and begin messaging back and forth with one of my sisters on a post. I then started browsing some pics posted by one of the feeds I follow. Then one of my friends over in England popped on, so began chatting with him as I don’t get to see him too often these days. Conversation jumps around a bit as usual with me. Then after we are through, I go hunt for some food. After my dinner, I go back onto facebook with the idea of posting some recipes. I go to my wordpress blog to look up some of the recipes I posted years ago, but then when I logged on I found something that surprised me a little bit so I blogged about it. SQUIRREL! Then I got to going back and forth a bit on twitter. One can easily get lost on twitter, and blogs for that matter, reading interesting stuff and doing a few random tweets. I then remember my original intention of posting some stuff on facebook so I return to my blog page and find something else interesting to read. Oh look at the pretty butterfly! I get up and answer “nature’s call” then I go into the bedroom to take off my shoes. After removing my shoes I begin to play with my Asian hand exercising balls (forget what they’re really called) for a little bit before returning to my computer. So much for watching the video I was going to watch lol.

Funny how some brains get sidetracked. Even when I’m in the process of thinking about something, I get off on a tangent totally forgetting the original thought. Some people don’t mind though, makes for interesting conversations. The channels constantly changing but I’m not in control of the remote!


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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