Rare Humorous Memory

I know I am always mega depressed all the time it seems. Some days seem worse than others I’m sure you will agree. Somehow, out of the blue, a memory popped into my head. A memory of better times back when I thought I was at the start of something awesome in my life. I don’t have too many really good memories worth noting. Here’s one though that may bring a smile to your face.

This goes back to the 1990s when the tv station I worked for still did their own productions instead of outsourcing. This one project we really loved covering was an annual 3-day live music festival. One night, I was chosen to take a turn at directing and switcher operator (the director did the switching in our little crew) for a few hours. I was always passionate about every position I was chosen to fill for a given production. This night was no exception. Coincidentally during my few hours at the helm, there were three very good local bands playing. As I’m directing my camera people on their shots and basically playing god over what people saw and heard, the music started pumping through me and I was really in the zone. Everything was going great, no technical problems and my camera people were on their toes and I was having fun. We liked having fun on our productions, professional yet fun. I guess I started to sound a little too into it, so during a pause in the band’s set one of my camera guys asked me if I was having an orgasm or something. Of course comments over the intercom can be heard by the whole crew. My audio operator stood up and began to bounce around the back of the production truck to make the truck move around a bit which caused the rest of the crew to really begin to bust a gut laughing as well as some festival goers that were next to the truck. To get one final laugh right after the audio guy stopped bouncing I let out a big sigh lol. They loved my directing. How I miss that passion.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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