Not as Bad as You Think

Some people bring a giggle to my dark soul. There was a convention going on this weekend over in the UK. Some people who attended this convention, or wanted to but couldn’t because of the price or life obligations, complained about the price of tickets plus the price of getting a picture and autograph with their favorite star(s). Someone said it was something around 160 pounds for tickets plus 20 pounds for a pic and autograph. Shuts them up real fast when I tell them that here in the US, after converting the pounds to dollars, you are still going to be spending more for a convention here depending on venue and who organizes it and who is appearing, and that for even minor celebrities you’ll probably be paying at least 50 dollars and more for the bigger guys. I’ve heard some celebrities autographs can cost up to and over $150. So UK people, you’re getting a bargain! While true that some events seem more expensive than they should be, people should remember that everyone needs to make money. From the people runnning the place where the event is being held at, to the event organizers and staff, to the guests making the appearances, all the way down to the janitors who have to clean up after everybody is done, nothing is free.


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