Taste is Subjective

Everyone’s taste is different. Not everyone is going to like what everyone else likes. One person’s favorite anything may be another person’s most hated anything. This should not give people an excuse to be arseholes toward other people. I see this a lot on blogs, fanpages, news articles, comments sections, and so on. If someone decides to use their blog to sing the praises of their favorite thing be it a tv show, musician, actor, or hobby, that is their business. If you like it, great! Feel like letting them know you like it, great! If you disagree with the person’s views, thats fine too but no need to attack the person. This has not happened to me yet, but I have seen this happen to others. There is a difference between expressing your opposing viewpoint and just being plain mean. I don’t see it much on wordpress but in other places it has been observed in abundance. Guess this would fall under the umbrella of people feeling brave behind keyboards.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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