People Are Brave Behind the Keyboard

Human behavior will never cease to baffle me. Some people get off on bullying and being just plain abusive to others online saying stuff to people that they probably wouldn’t dare say to the recipient’s faces. Most don’t think about the impact, that it is not the same as bullying and being abusive in person. That thought process is wrong on so many levels. Abuse is abuse. These days it is easier to get away with because the abuser is miles away typing on the keyboard knowing full well their victim can’t do a thing about it. Some victims are able to rise above, but unfortunately more often than not we end up hearing the stories plastered all over the news about some poor kid committing suicide because of relentless bullying.

Back in December I wrote an entry about an actress getting threats from people all over the internet: It appears people are at it again. I’m not 100% sure about what sparked this new rash of abuse, but some of it may stem from an article in which she voiced her opinion about the tendency of some fans to make explicit fan art with realistic depictions of actors, in this case her long time partner/husband-yet-not-officially-married and father of her children, in compromising pornographic situations. While I’m all for people’s freedom to express themselves artistically, I do see her point as well. One of these days their kids are going to probably Google their daddy and up pops some artwork of the man doing the nasty with Benedict Cumberbatch. Some argue back that they are drawing the characters and not the actors, but it’s obvious which actors are portraying the characters. Here’s the article: I’m not going to get into a debate about people and boundaries on the issues contained in the article since that is not the point of this post. And whether or not this is the reason she is getting a new crop of abuse I am not totally sure, but sending her abusive and threatening messages just because one is safely tucked far away is just not cool. People have the freedom to express their opinion just as she did, and sure there are going to be those who oppose her opinion but there is no call for abuse.

Being abused online is just as hurtful as being abused in person. There is way too much hate going on in the world and not enough love. There was bullying a long time before the internet which caused emotional havoc upon countless victims, many who end up killing themselves or becoming emotionally unstable, but because everyone was not so connected we rarely heard the horror stories. Now it’s different. We finally hear about the many cases of abuse be it online or off. The internet becomes another tool of torment for some because it can take forever to be caught, and many times justice never comes which makes it even worse than say just 15 years ago. At least back then somebody could actually physically confront the bully. No matter who you are, nobody deserves to be abused and bullied. It must feel so good to feel so brave behind a keyboard.

I hope this makes sense, I just noticed that it’s almost 4:30am. I should have been in bed over an hour ago lol. At least I had a decent sized nap earlier.

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