He’s Back

While technically not a movie, it is a bit more than a tv show. BBC’s “Sherlock” has finally made it Stateside! Even though I saw the show originally within a few hours of it airing over in the UK, I still made sure to catch the US premiere on my local PBS station. I will spare the episode 2 and 3 spoilers since those have not aired here yet. I will tell you that this whole series (yes only three episodes again sadly) is great fun.

Series 3 on the whole is more about character than case giving the episodes quite a different feel from the previous two series. This has shaken up a few in the fandom of course, many feeling disappointed after waiting two long years for the return of their favorite show. This is not me however. Although I prefer series 1 and 2, I loved series 3 as well and look forward to series 4 which will hopefully come a lot faster lol. I do suggest however that for anyone who has not really seen the show yet are interested in getting into it that they watch series 1 and 2 first to get the proper feel of “Sherlock”.

Episode 1 of series 3, “The Empty Hearse”, is all about the return of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and its impact on his friends, most notably John Watson (Martin Freeman) who has since been able to move on and is about to propose to the lovely Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington). Sherlock returns to London after being away for two years after faking his suicide to save the few people he cherishes most and must now work to uncover a terrorist plot. Sherlock reveals himself to John with interesting results. Sherlock, being Sherlock, doesn’t think about what John’s reaction would be after finding out that his best friend in the whole world is alive after thinking him dead for the last two years. You can’t help but chuckle slightly at the results. Of course there is a bit of adventure and drama to this episode with a little mystery to solve interspersed with theories about how Sherlock survived the fall. And keep an eye out for cameos by Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents, actors Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton, as The parents of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes!

The story is a bit fast paced like they were trying to cram a lot into 90 minutes, but it still works. There area few nods to the Sherlock fandom in this one as well as a “blink and you’ll miss it” scene where some fans who were on set got into a shot. At the end we see the villain who will turn up in episode 3. Episode 3 is quite dark, a stark contrast to episodes 1 and 2. A definite must watch!


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