Is it any wonder why some celebrities shy away from their fans, sometimes to the point of rudeness? Many even prefer to have no interaction whatsoever. Some people are just plain nuts! And it has gotten worse in the age of the internet. I came across an article that involved one of my favorite actors, well more specifically his wife/partner however you want to phrase their relationship. Shortly after being cast as Mary Morstan in “Sherlock”,  actress Amanda Abbington began receiving threats and abusive tweets by some so-called fans of the show. Martin Freeman, her partner and actor who plays Dr. Watson rightfully slammed these trolls and said these were not real fans of the show, only of a show in their heads. Sadly, there are some twisted individuals in every fandom, even the “Sherlock” fandom.

Read the article here: http://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/s129/sherlock/news/a536917/martin-freeman-slams-sherlock-trolls-over-amanda-abbington-abuse.html

I for one look forward to seeing this new character in January. And even though I don’t recall seeing any of Ms. Abbington’s works, I am sure she will be great. Hell she has Martin’s stamp of approval as a fellow actor, and he knows his stuff. Someone slamming an actor, even to the point of direct threats, is crazy and uncalled for. So sorry if the people making the show ruins some people’s twisted fantasies.

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3 Responses to Disgusting

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  2. I watched The Empty Hearse last night. Amanda is an absolute delight at Mary Morstan.

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