Think I Need a New Camera :(

Well, finally took my 10 year old digital baby to see a camera doctor. The diagnosis was not good. The lady told me realigning everything would require opening everything up and that I would probably have to send it in to Olympus for repairs, if they even service the model anymore. This would probably make it not worth it money wise to repair. I loved that little point and shoot, as you see it took great shots. So now, against my better judgment, I began looking for a new one. My local Best Buy store had some nice ones. Right now I am torn between a cute little Nikon Coolpix and a reasonably priced Canon dslr close in price to the Nikon. Both have nice features and I love versatility, but of course for me price is a big thing right now. I don’t want to go to something too low budget though, I want something as good as if not better than my Olympus, something with some weight, I could put it on a tripod when I get one, yet not too bulky making me look like a paparazzi stalking celebrities. So time for the research process before investing more money than I should be spending right now lol.


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