Christmas Memories

Earlier tonight on another website I frequent, I was asked about if I ever had a favorite Christmas memory from when I was younger. This of course coming after my post about not being able to get all psyched up for the holiday season that seems to force itself onto the general public as early as October sometimes. I told the person in another post why I was negative about the holidays but did mention that I once enjoyed it as a kid. Then he/she posed the question above. I figured I would just copy/paste my response onto tonights blog posting, not a bad little story actually:

anonymous                                        asked:

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Were you my last anon? Trying to be a Dickensian ghost of Christmas?  I shall answer your question, don’t say I never share anything.

As I said before, the whole holiday season has lost its magic for me long ago but I did enjoy it as a kid before my eyes were open to all that is truth.

I remember my mum’s homemade strawberry cheesecake with graham cracker crust. Christmas was never Christmas without having a slice of the rich delicacy I still love to this day, strawberry cheesecake. Nobody’s cheesecake could compare to my mother’s, though my sister has been doing a great job at it the past few years. Cheesecake was not cheap to make for my mum, so it was mainly a once a year thing.

Christmas cookies. Another fond memory is me and my sister in the kitchen with my mother the night before Christmas Eve making all sorts of cookies which we would share with family. My favorite cookie to make was chocolate with peanut butter middles.

Another memory that may seem less general and more specific to an event would be when I was around 8 or 9 years old. My family wasn’t always poor as hell but we were never well to do. My parents scraped by. This one particular Christmas though was in danger of not being a happy one whatsoever. My dad was now out of work and unable to get another job so we had no spare money. This was the start of us being considered poor in my eyes. My sister and I were never the greedy “gimme this! gimme that!” types, so we didn’t expect much anyways and knowing the truth of the financial situation our parents tried to shield us from, we expected less. We went about our normal Christmas Eve visitations to our three sets of grandparents (I used to think it was cool having three sets lol). When we got home that night, we saw that underneath our tree was filled with presents. We usually opened our gifts on Christmas Eve before going to bed instead of waiting until we woke up in the morning, though technically 2am would be morning lol. By this time in our lives, my sister I’m sure was out of the believing in “Santa” stage and I had only just found out the previous month in school. But we were shocked to find so many presents and our parents of course didn’t say a thing. Many years later as an adult, an aunt told me that it was my grandparents (on dad’s side) who got us all those presents. My grandfather loved children and believed every child should have a happy Christmas. This grandfather may not have been blood, but he loved all of his grandchildren as if they were his own and his greatest joy seemed to be when a child was smiling and laughing. My aunt told me that it saddened him that my parents were not able to afford much stuff that year, so he wanted to help them out a bit and play Santa of sorts. I know my parents were much to proud to admit that they had help that year, so I never told them what my aunt told me. My parents, especially my dad, were the types to never ask for help even when they needed it most. I guess that was one of the more memorable ones. There are many others, but I think that one is the most touching, tug at the heart strings ones.

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