More Proof That Social Media is Evil

It taunts me! I swear Facebook is taunting me, throwing my lifelong dreams into my face. Showing me links to pages related to my dreams of becoming an actress and filmmaker. Dreams I had since I was at least 3 years old, yet because of so many roadblocks in my life I had to set it all aside and be the miserable sack of flesh that I am. I had no way of getting to where I needed to be when I got out of high school, and nobody to point me into the right direction I needed to be to chase my dreams. No encouragement from those that mattered most to me, only negativity or telling me I should be doing something else instead knowing full well where my heart lay. No money for university so that I could learn my craft properly, and financial aid would not grant me money since I could only do school part time since I needed to work full time to survive. Back in the 1990s we had no internet to find stuff out ourselves. My worsening depression also becoming a hinderance without escape. In the back of my mind though I still dreamed of being on a stage or on a screen, and maybe even telling a story from behind the camera. Like when I was a child, I still picture another life where I am in the presence of my heroes, working with my favorite directors on great productions. To this day my dreams haunt me. Still no way of getting there. And now Facebook keeps throwing my dreams into my face with their suggestions, it’s pure evil I tell you.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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