Mind Blown in Under 22 Minutes

Yeah yeah, you all probably saw this one coming eventually. I finally had the opportunity to view the independent short film from SunnyMarch titled “Little Favour”. This movie starred Benedict Cumberbatch (who also co-produced) Colin Salmon and Nick Moran and written and directed by Patrick Viktor Monroe. Wallace, a war vet played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is called upon by a former colleague, James, to do him a little favor. Wallace is unable to refuse since James evidently saved his life at some point and James got involved in a deal that went bad. Wallace soon finds himself in the middle of the threat James is up against. Without spoiling the whole plot (the movie is only 22 minutes afterall), there is soon an epic battle with some Russian mafia types, a bit of action, and a twist at the end you don’t see coming.

I’ve seen some good reviews and bad reviews on this movie. The bad ones mainly complain about the lack of character development or that it just doesn’t make sense to them. It made perfect sense to me. It is a SHORT film, not much time for character development. Most shorts have to tell a story and get to the point in a very limited amount of time, which “Little Favour” does nicely. The production quality was quite superb for a publicly funded independent film, stuntwork was spectacular, the makeup was quite realistic, and the writing showed a lot of promise. Leaves you imagining what they would have done with more money for their production. No, the film won’t be for everyone. For those of us who can appreciate independents, this is a treat. A flash to the brain. A thrill ride leaving you wanting more. I look forward to seeing more projects from this fledgeling production company.

9 out of 10


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2 Responses to Mind Blown in Under 22 Minutes

  1. I got to see this at the weekend (thanks to a friend). I was totally blown away by it. Fantastic performances from both Benedict and Colin.

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