OMG @#^%$!

I loved my nearly 10 year old Olympus digital camera. I used it so much, love snapping pics and try to get creative with a camera. Never had anything happen to it until now 😦 Tonight it got dropped, causing a few pieces to break loose and things get knocked all cockeyed. Why does crap always happen to me? Why can’t anything good ever happen to me? I am so freaking ticked off right now it’s hard to keep my language a PG rating. I hope I can find a place to get it repaired soon and not too expensive. It still works sort of but not like it should. I really can’t afford a brand new camera. Next to shooting video and being in front of a camera, photography was the one other thing I love and can do nicely.

Maybe I will look into my “archives” for some postable shots for my monthly random shots.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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