Are You Sure You’re a Dr.?

Some questions the doctor might ask like “Are there any new issues in your health we should be taking a look at?” or “How much exercise do you do a day?” would sound reasonably normal. But there are some other questions I got asked today that makes me question the validity of their title of doctor. Things like why I am taking the medication you prescribe me every 6 months or a couple of other personal questions I won’t go into here are just way too odd of questions to be asking a patient you have been seeing for a few years. Oh, and “What would happen if you stopped taking your pills?” ummm YOU SHOULD KNOW, YOU’RE MY FRIGGIN DOCTOR! Hell I would love to not have to spend the the money I do per month on something that could have some serious side effects especially after taking it for 15 years.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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