Impeccable Timing

Okay, this gets annoying and it seems to happen to me more often than not. You sit down for lunch or a snack at work, or maybe you’re at a restaurant stuffing your face, and someone walks up to you and asks you a question the very moment after you shovel a bite of food into your mouth. To make things more awkward, they look at you as if expecting an answer right away before you can chew and swallow. I am not a barbarian, I will not open my mouth for you with half chewed food and answer your question. It gets worse when they ask you one question right after another before you get a chance to swallow and answer the first question. Then there is the person at the office luncheon who not only wants to exchange introductions as you are chewing, but they extend a hand to shake at the same time. PLEASE CAN I FINISH MY MOUTHFUL FIRST???

When approaching someone who is obviously eating, have some courtesy. Look for signs of food being moved around in the mouth and wait for them to swallow before asking your question. Some people are not as ladylike as me and may just talk with a mouth full of mushed up food and gross you out.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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