Dead Mail

It’s a weird feeling when someone you know who has been dead for a few years still gets mail. Today at work, I received a letter addressed to a gentleman I had worked with many years ago who had not worked at that office for nearly 15 years and who has been dead for 2 or 3 years. That office rarely ever gets mail period anymore since most of the employees from there that are left are in another office now, so a letter in and of itself is odd. I only recall one other time the man had gotten mail there so long after he had been let go from the company. It just seems a bit more eerie when the person is now dead. You start remembering stuff from when you knew the person. Not that we were close, but we were work buddies. He was one of the five co-workers whom I considered to be my mentors in my early years at the local tv station, and only one of two people I allowed to call me “kiddo” lol (I was the youngest after all). Before a bigger corporation took over our little company, the two offices we worked between was a well knit team of people who enjoyed our jobs. The only time we really grumbled was when we had to videotape some boring government stuff. We preferred taping sports and concerts. The team turned out quality stuff no matter how minor the project and each person could somewhat anticipate the actions of another team member or tell when one has been having a hard day and didn’t want to be bothered. Back then it was a joy to go to work. After the aforementioned bigger corporation took over, all fun pretty much stopped as quality projects started to become few and further between as the company focus shifted from making stuff people will watch to selling air time to outside sources to make money. Offices got merged, people get let go, and the work environment changes as the department’s purpose begins to morph out of control. Another reason to miss the 1990s.


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