Occasionally I Cannot Help But Show My Age

Every woman hates showing their age. Sometimes it cannot be helped. Old habits die hard and sometimes those old habits are what announces to everyone how long you have been around. Many years ago during my senior year in high school, I started working at a local cable tv station. At that time, shows were on videotape be it VHS, SVHS, 3/4 inch, DVCPro, or Beta. Yes, professionals still used Beta long after it was shunned by the average consumer since VHS, although a lower quality, was much cheaper to buy than Beta. We used these videotape formats well into the early 2000’s, even after the bigger stations were going to DVD or digital. Around 2004 or so, the station finally started to phase into DVD usage and within the last year we finally got to using digital, though a lot of programs are still DVD. I don’t even do much tape to tape editing anymore. I think I’m the last person to actually do tape to tape editing lol.

Despite finally being in the 21st century, my hardwired brain still wants to say “tape” instead of “DVD” or “disk”. When I am needing to find a DVD of a show, I will sometimes ask someone , “Have you seen this tape?” Of course I catch it right after I say it and have to laugh at myself. I’m just glad there are no younger people working in the department, they would have a field day!

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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