It Had To Be Said Eventually!

I have to give yet another round of applause to my favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, for doing what I am sure many celebrities would love to do…and he does it with such class. After seeing a pic on a fan site I visited last night, I looked up the original article which can be seen here:


Not directed towards his fans of course, he loves his CumberCollective, and we love him 🙂 No, this was directed at paparazzi who have nothing better to do with their jobs than camping outside his trailer on the “Sherlock” set. And I couldn’t agree more with him.

There are so many other more newsworthy things going on in the world than what color is so-and-so wearing today or who is kissing who in the world of celebrities. Frankly, I don’t care about a celebrity’s personal life just the work that they do. Sure there are some that I think are quite hot and droolworthy but that’s besides the point. Nobody cares about what some no-name office worker in Nebraska is doing on their lunch hour, but the world is going to end if we don’t get pics of the latest celebrity baby.

Unfortunately this will change nothing. Paparazzi will still stalk celebrities trying to catch every single insignificant moment. But still, I’m glad he had the classy balls to to do it and would hope others follow. Too much trash and not enough real news going around. Kudos Mr. Cumberbatch!


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