Love Me Some Action

Ah Wolverine you never cease to entertain me. Yes, I saw another movie, this time it was “The Wolverine”. It’s the latest masterpiece by Marvel showcasing one of my favorite comic book heroes, Wolverine. Very loosely based on Wolverine’s first solo miniseries back in the early 1980s. Our flawed hero travels to Japan to honor the request of a dying man whose life he saved back in WWII when Nagasaki was bombed. He soon finds himself in in the thick of conflict with the Japanese mob, the Yakuza, and members of the clan Yashida while protecting the dying man’s granddaughter from her own father. The movie is also a big character study so some parts might seem a bit slow for some mere mortals who don’t have patience for character development. There is also a lot of action, lot of fight scenes. And yes, they have the ever classic hand to hand combat on top of a fast moving train scene. Many of the best action films have this sort of scene somewhere. My main complaint about the movie is they could have done without the Jean Grey in his dreams cameos. Famke Janssen’s appearance added nothing to the film, what was the point other than to give the fanboys a bit of eye candy. 9 our of 10 on this film at any rate. Solid story, but as always don’t expect it to follow a specific storyline from the original books. Thoroughly engaging, couldn’t take my eyes off it. Worth seeing.


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