Shrinking Feeling

Not sure if it’s the companies going cheapskate more than usual or the nanny state getting more power, probably both. It seems that more and more food items are getting a lot smaller yet the consumer is still being charged the same price, if not more, for less of said product. I noticed this a year or so ago with candy bars. Being a merchandiser of candy, it was my job to put the product on the shelves. I noticed a few times that the candy bars in newer shipments were clearly smaller than the ones already on the shelves. The bad thing about this was the place was already selling their candy bars at a crazy high price, so now when a shopper decided they had to have a sugar fix right then they would be paying more for a lot less. Some noticed right away while others remain oblivious. Regular food now is falling victim to this. Prepackaged foods one would buy for convenience is under attack. No value in anything anymore. Paying more for less is just so un-American.


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