No Chance

Visited one of my aunts tonight, the one that lives in the same state as me. It had been quite awhile since I visited her last. I usually tried to go hang with her at least once a season but the past couple years has been a bit tough. Sometimes our schedules didn’t synch or my uncle who suffers from alzheimers would be sick or out of sorts more than usual. So we finally got the chance to hang out and catch up. This aunt was always that one aunt everyone could talk to about anything and everything.

At some point the conversation turned to the subject of a cousin of mine. This particular cousin, not a kid of my aunt’s, had a particularly complicated life from the get-go. Long ago my dad prophecized that the girl would turn out to be far more evil than her own mother. Sure enough it has come to pass. There was an altercation the likes of which I will not get into for the sake of privacy, but suffice it to say she has pretty much been disowned by the family. My aunt tells me that if I ever saw her to keep away. I had to laugh considering that, for one thing, most of my family I haven’t had much contact with in nearly 15 years. Secondly, I live just south of the Detroit border whereas most of that side of my family lives well north of Detroit or down south. Chances are extremely slim of me ever having contact with any of my relatives in passing. I rarely go north of Detroit except to my job in Oakland County or on holidays to visit my sister, or to visit my aunt. Other than that I keep to my own county lol. So no worries auntie, no chance of me running into the evil little demon spawn.


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