He’s Good!

Never thought it would happen, but found another movie to bring a tear to my eyes. Not many movies can do that to me. “Third Star” is probably the 3rd movie in history to get me crying. DAMMIT MR. CUMBERBATCH!!!



Okay, I’ll elaborate a little bit on this post since somebody just had to poke fun at me for crying over a movie. Although the easier thing to do would be for the person to watch it for themselves. I dare them not to cry! Personally, I have luckily never had the misfortune of going through the situation depicted in the movie “Third Star” but I am sure there are many who have. It is a movie about friendship and devotion, and coming to terms with the sad fact that a loved one is going to die and there is nothing to stop it.

In the beginning of the film, you already know that the main character, James played by the awesome Benedict Cumberbatch, is going to die of cancer. He states it right at the beginning, that it is his 29th birthday and that he will not live to see his 30th. Right there’s enough to get you misty. Anyways, James’s three lifelong friends decide to take him on a trip to his favorite place on Earth, Barafundle Bay. Along the way, we learn about each of the four characters. Eventually things start going wrong on their journey and it becomes the trip from Hell, but the four carry on with their journey and we see the bonds of friendship tested, brotherly love, and tough decision making. The slow pace is meant to help you sympathize with the characters, get attached to them. In the end it leaves you to question what would you do in the situation, would you have the courage? You will laugh and cry at the same time throughout the film and by the end you too will bawl like a baby. 10 out of 10!


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