Well I finally found myself some new shoes. Was getting down to the wire with the old ones. I would put powder into them and as I would shake it around it would pour out of the toes lol. I ventured out today to continue the search. First a trip to the local mall, which after an hour of strolling aroud proved to be a fruitless endeavor. Then went to a strip mall near there and there they had my shoes. Unfortunately none in black, I would love to have plain black sneakers but seems shoe designers think all women want are white shoes or loudly colored shoes that would not fit into a businessy environment. I wouldn’t mind having some black with neon pink and purple designs all over them but I don’t think it would be looked well upon in the office.

I do miss mall walking, I used to do it a lot when I was younger. But you know, it’s not at all fun when you don’t have spare cash to spend. Granted years ago there had been times I would spend many hours in a mall and not buy a thing, but it’s just the freedom of being able to make a purchase if you chose to. Walk around confident in the fact that if you saw that cute must-have outfit or latest album from your favorite musician, or whatever other object caught your fancy, you could get it. Sucks not having that freedom đŸ˜¦ The shoes were a total must have because my old ones were falling apart. Nothing I could take joy in.


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