Saturday Treat

With the price of movie tickets stupidly high these days, it is rare for most normal people working their butts off to make ends meet to be able to enjoy going out to the local cinema to watch a new release months before they appear on video and cable tv. Granted for some, the comfort of their own home, or a friend’s home, is preferred to actually sitting around with a bunch of strangers. Since never in a million years will I ever be able to afford a big screen tv and top of the line sound system, going out once in awhile to see a movie is nice.

Anyways, first thing’s first but not necessarily in that order. Gotta love the old ADHD don’t you? πŸ™‚ The original plan for this Saturday was to go out and look for some new sneakers as the ones I am wearing I have worn for a couple years now and they are wearing out. Did not have an exact plan for the rest of the day, but shoe shopping was on the agenda. And for me, shoe shopping is a long process since I cannot just get any style. My feet are funny, I cannot really wear casual or “dressy” shoes for work it is just not comfortable for me or good for my feet so I need to wear sneakers. Because my bigger job is in an office environment, albeit a little more laid back than some, I need something that looks a bit more low key and professional but something that is going to last me a year or two. Not so easy with a lot of the sneakers on the market. I love the designs on many of them and the multiple colors, but doubt that they would be considered professional.

Well, before the shoe search, I decided to catch a matinee movie. Two movies I wanted to see that came out in May were still playing, so I wanted to at least see one of them. Matinees are the way to go for someone on a budget. I hadn’t eaten anything either yet so I figured the earlier the better, because if we ate before the movie there would be no guarantee that we would be done before matinee hours turned into the regular hours thus making the movie full price. Out of the two movies, “Star Trek Into Darkness” was playing earliest so saw that one. Awesome movie for the Star Trek fan and plain sci fi fan alike. Old school Trek fans who bash this movie have probably not even bothered to watch it. While true it is an alternate take on “Star trek II: the Wrath of Khan”, with a bit of “Space Seed” (an episode from the original series which first introduced us to Khan), it also has a fresh feeling at the same time. Not like all these other reboots and remakes flooding cinemas lately. And for all of us Trek fans who are not afraid of alternate universes, they threw in some subtle nods to the original series. Benedict Cumberbatch was great as Khan, gave me chills as a good movie villain should. The same kind of chills I got from the original. And you almost want to feel bad for the villain while at the same time you want to see him get his butt kicked all over the place. We also get a cameo from those classic foes, the Klingons. Though I must say I still prefer the Klingon race design from the 80’s and 90s, but their ships are badass. I won’t give away too much, but the basic idea of the story is Khan had been working for the Federation but then went rogue and it’s up to Kirk and crew to get him. It’s a lot more exciting though than I make the description sound. Edge of your seat adventure that I think the creator of Star Trek would be proud to have part of his universe(s). Don’t get me wrong, I still think J.J. Abrams should have just created his own new characters to add to the franchise as his two installments I believe are good on their own without the need to use established characters. With as good as this latest movie is, there was no need to call the villain Khan and try to redo the beloved story as flawed as it was (many inconsistencies in the original but still solid) but he did. I am not as stubborn as many in fandom though, and embrace the new movie as I do all the ones that came before it. Except for Star Trek Nemesis, that movie stunk and was an embarrassment to all things Star Trek. 9 out of 10, reimaginings don’t get perfect scores but the villain stole the show and made it so much more awesome than what it could have been.

On a side note if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you will love “Sherlock” which stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. He is probably the best Sherlock Holmes since Basil Rathbone. The series actually stays true to the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while bringing them into the 21st century. Hell just about anything with Benedict Cumberbatch is great, he has quickly become my favorite actor alongside David Tennant and Chris Eccleston. I am now one with the Cumbercollective. I have been Cumberbatched and I love it πŸ˜›

Well after the movie, I finally got a bite to eat. Even treated myself to a nice beer. Forgot the whole name of it but it was a chocolate stout. Sounds weird to some but actually the chocolate is very subtle. After dinner, I went to the nearby mall to search for those shoes. Sadly, no luck. The stores they had there had a very small selection of the kind I like. While I like Nike, I tend to buy New Balance a lot since many times they are less expensive and with as often as I wear my shoes last a long time therefore giving me more bang for my buck. Sorry, started sounding like a bloody commercial there. I hate commercials. Anyways, yes I use that word a lot. lol

During dinner, it had been decided that since I saved a few bucks by seeing a matinee, I would go back to the cinema later on to catch the other movie I wanted to see. Not like I do this all the time, an occasional treat won’t hurt as long as it don’t become habit. After dinner and the mall, killed some time then went to see movie #2 of my Saturday double feature.

Movie #2 was Iron Man 3. Very odd for a 3rd installment of a movie, especially a comic book movie, to be watchable or in this case just as great as the original. For anyone who has actually read my blogs before, back when I did my movie blogs I raved about Iron Man. Well this would be another raver (is that a word?). It has the good guys, the bad guys, the president in danger, a country paralyzed by fear, a damsel in distress, the emotional turmoil of the hero, a very brief cameo by Stan Lee, action, explosions, suspense. All you expect from a comic book movie with good writing to boot! If you liked the first you will like the second, and you will like the third. The Iron Man franchise has not lost steam yet. Take note Superman. 8 out of 10.

All in all it was a good day. Don’t have too many of those. Now it’s back to the grindstone. Work my butt off and not enjoy life like I want to.


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