I Don’t Blame the Guy

The mayor of Detroit has stated that he will not run for re-election, and with the state of the city I don’t blame him one bit. Mayor Bing did try though, more so than any mayor Detroit has had during my lifetime. The others merely robbed the city blind, lining their own fat pockets instead of making the needed improvements. Unfortunately the corruption that has plagued the city since the 1960s was just too deeply rooted for him to bring Detroit back to life. City council blocking any attempts to improve things, not enough voters turning out to vote on issues, and a teeny tiny population who have all lost hope and merely exists unable to move away with the rest of the rats jumping ship or improve their situations all the while the city crumbles around them. The poor getting poorer, therefore unable to pay the taxes the city needs to keep running, and the criminals taking advantage of it all, and a city council that can’t or won’t run the city properly has ruined a fine city.

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