Geography Lesson

Here’s something that has annoyed me since I was a little kid. People identifying a place as being in Detroit or that they are from Detroit when in actuality the place or person is miles away from the border of Detroit. I read articles on the internet that talk about places to go to in Detroit, but then they give an address that is all the way in the next county over! Or people actually thinking Madonna and Kid Rock are from the Motor City yet grew up miles away and probably never stepped into the city until they were stars, and even then was for a brief visit. The city I grew up in was totally surrounded by Detroit and what ever affected Detroit affected my town, so I can be considered a Detroiter born and raised even though technically my original town was Hamtramck. You see, all Hamtramckans are Detroiters but not all Detroiters are Hamtramckans. Same goes for the city of Highland Park.

Detroit is the big city in Wayne County, the one with all the blight and corrupted government. Auburn Hills is not Detroit. Pontiac is not Detroit. Southfield is not Detroit. Royal Oak is not Detroit. Any city north of 8 Mile Rd. is not Detroit, get it? Detroit has definitely seen better days, like back when my mum was real little in the ’50s, but calling the suburbs Detroit is not doing the crippled city any favors. And just so the northern suburbs don’t feel like I am picking on them as they hold their noses up high in the air to everyone else, even the southern and western ‘burbs aren’t Detroit. Happy there Oakland and Macomb Counties?

Anyways, I feel if people are doing reporting on stuff concerning Detroit, they should actually be reporting on something IN the city proper. You may find that there actually is some good stuff going on despite the bad press and crumbling facade, just gotta dig deep and stay sharp is all. And people claiming to be from Detroit should actually be FROM Detroit or one of the two inner cities that float like islands on the map.

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