Subliminal Cravings

I’m craving tacos big time. The only thing stopping me was the price of the ground beef. But I swear somehow subliminally, the taco suggestion got planted. Seemed that every aisle of the grocery store was telling me to make tacos. Walking up up and down a few aisles looking for the few things I needed, I kept having my eyes drawn to a component of tacos. One aisle even had a box of taco shells fall off the shelf in front of me. Other items had good sale prices such as the salsa, chilies, cheese, seasonings. OMG never go to the store hungry, I tell myself that every time but I never listen. I was ever so tempted but then I looked at the price of ground beef at this particular store and knowing I can get it cheaper elsewhere, I finished my shopping and went to my local Subway instead and had a yummy overstuffed sandwich. Was not about to go to another store to spend more money. Funny thing is I still want tacos lmao. Will need to give in to the craving soon.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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