What Exactly is Natural?

Not sure what really made me notice this. I’ve always read labels on packages, but never gave it too much thought. While sitting at my workstation in job #1 having a little snack of Triscuits and idly reading the box. I had been eating Triscuits for quite a few years now and it never hit me that listed on the box are the words “With natural flavor and other natural flavor”. What exactly do they mean by natural flavor and other natural flavor? Scary when they double up like that. Since you’re not going to tell us what natural flavor you are adding to my snack, why not just say “natural flavors added” and be done with it instead of adding “and other natural flavor” after already telling us that there is already some mystery natural flavor added. I know the food industry has been adding unnecessary crap to our foods for decades but I would really like to know what is the “natural flavor and other natural flavor” is in what should be an otherwise innocent snack.

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