Wish I Can Be Sarcastic While On Duty

OMG I swear I want to slap people sillier than they already are. When I am working my merchandising job (yes still doing that one too), people seem to think I work at the store I am merchandising stuff at, despite the fact I am not wearing the uniform of that company. They will ask me stuff that really only an employee would be well versed in, and when I tell them I do not know, they look at me like I’m the idiot. I wish I could just shove my vendor tag into their face or ask them what color of clothing I am wearing. When the business I am stocking the shelf at starts to pay me my money instead of the company I currently work for, ask me all the questions you want. Until then go away! But of course I am forced to keep my professionalism. Perhaps I should have another flag plastered on the back of my jacket. But then again, when I wore the Union Jack on my back, that didn’t seem to deter the morons either.

Not only do these numbnuts ask me questions best answered by actual store employees, they try cracking jokes which may have been funny for the first month of my job but after countless years have become very, very stale. No, I am not buying these 50 boxes of product, I am slightly chunky but not because I gorge myself on junk food. No, I am not in line as I am obviously stocking shelves. No, I cannot ring up your purchases as the store does not sign my paychecks. Yes the cashier is at the register but she can only move the line along so fast and no I cannot do a thing about it. You think this is a piece of cake job, well in this economy at least I got a job which is more than I can say for the few poor hobos hanging around the parking lot at night so don’t knock it buddy.  But again, I must keep my professionalism. Oh why, oh why must I keep my professionalism in the presence of such stupidity? Oh yeah, the hobos in the parking lot 😉

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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