The City Cries

OH YAY! Detroit is once again crowned poorest and most crime ridden city in the U.S. It’s a shame really how the mighty has fallen. My parents would tell me how great Detroit was when they were kids back in the 1950s. The first half of the ’60s weren’t too bad either. Then came the corrupt politicians, the mass exodus of people with money leaving the poor behind to foot the bill for a city built to house nearly 2 million, the feeling of hopelessness, and then there were the criminals who preyed upon the weakened city. Now to look at it would be to see a hollowed out husk. Nobody with means wants to stay and help improve things. All those who could leave, did. And with them went many businesses who want their money, leaving the poor jobless and desperate. There are a few who scream to the masses that they will stay and help rebuild, but they are too few. All we can do unfortunately is sit and watch it all crumble to the ground until pigs sprout wings and people decide to flock to the city once again not just for the casinos but to actually make it habitable once more, and politicians actually work together instead of arguing and stopping the positive things from being done.

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