That Bad?

Not really sure what goes through people’s minds these days, in these dark times. Tonight I went deep into Detroit to spend some time with my mum. She decided she had a taste for Mexican food for dinner, so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant near the ruins of the old train station. She insisted on paying even though I should have been treating her as it was her birthday in a couple days. Great meal as always, Detroit still has a heartbeat contrary to popular belief. Still great restaurants within the city if you know where to look.

Anyways, back to the main thought. Driving back after dinner, some guy decided to walk out into the middle of the street and motioning to me as if to say, “Go ahead, run me over.” Not sure if the poor soul was trying to flag me down for some reason, or if he was indeed wanting to kill himself. I was not about to stop and ask lol. I’ve rode past the old train station many times in my life so I know it is not the most pleasant of areas. Unfortunately in Detroit, one must brave some unsavory spots to get to the good stuff. The poor guy though got me asking is it really so bad that you want to get run over? Granted if done properly, you can die instantly. But really, at the speed I was going, at worse he would have suffered a few broken bones and a long, painful death with no medical attention as opposed to quick and painless.

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