Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Let the season of greed and excess begin! No longer is this the time of being thankful and spending time with friends and family, it is the beginning of shopping season for those who feel the month of December is just not long enough to shop for Christmas to get someone that something they just don’t really need.

I know I shouldn’t be down on holidays like I am, I guess I’ve become disenchanted with the whole concept over the years. When I was growing up, Christmas was that magical treat that came only once a year, in December. Christmas stuff was rarely ever on display in stores before Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving parades which usually concluded with an appearance by Santa and was usually the first clue we had that Christmas was right around the corner. Shops were closed on Thanksgiving in observance of our national holiday and did not open until early Friday morning (rarely ever before 5am). Of course capitalism in all its wonderous glory demands that people get greedy, even if it means opening up the stores for the sales frenzy on the night of Thanksgiving during most people’s dinner time, and even going so far as to have holiday stuff out as early as September!

If only one could return to the ignorant bliss of childhood. Instead of being bombarded with commercialization of any holiday, just sit back and enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings before they fade away into adulthood.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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