Where’s a Camera When You Need One?

There is never a camera at the ready when you need one. So many adorable, unexpected moments go unrecorded. This afternoon when leaving for work, my arms full of things I need at my job and car keys in hand, I was greeted at my front porch by one of the squirrels that live in the tree in my front yard. Halfway out the door, I noticed the chunky little guy sitting upright on his hindquarters with front paws raised to his chest as if to say “hello”.  Me being the animal friendly type, I talked softly to him for a second. He began inching towards me so I backed into the door slightly to block the way just in case he decided to bolt into my much warmer than outside house. Seeing that he did not appear to be ready for launching toward the door, I stepped out and closed up. The ballsy little squirrel then inched toward me and sniffed at my shoe and looked up at me. As I began to walk, he scampered over onto the front lawn being sure to look back at me every few steps. I walked past him and headed down the sidewalk and noticed he seemed to be following me. As I rounded the corner where the tree is, one of the other squirrels came running down the trunk, looked at me, then hopped onto a piece of decorative wood fence on the corner of the lawn next to the tree and sat there raised up on his hindquarters. Meanwhile the first squirrel is rounding the corner as well as I continue walking down the sidewalk towards my garage. I turn around and speak to them, as silly as it sounds, and the two of them watch me. One on the wooden pole and the other on the sidewalk sitting and watching me. Many times they do watch me and appear to greet me when I leave or come home, but they usually never get so up close and personal when I am in motion. Just too adorable.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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