Big Crybabies

Media making mountains out of mole hills or a country hell-bent on destroying itself? Sometimes I wonder which and how much is true. People are such crybabies, and now it seems according to news articles that the whining is reaching epic preportions. Several states have reportedly petitioned for secession from the United States all because Obama won the presidential election. According to federal law, these petitions would need an outrageous amount of signatures in order to be taken seriously of course, but still come on, BOO FREAKIN’ HOO! Is it really worth dividing the nation any further than it already is? I don’t like the choice of the majority either, but majority rules in this country and we must deal with it. Sure we will still be on the downward spiral that we have been on for years, but do you honestly think it would be better even if any of the other candidates won? And yes, I say candidates with an “s” as there were unpublicized third parties on the ballot. We didn’t really have much to choose from, they all suck no matter what party. Suck it up, it’s not worth having a civil war over and be happy we live in a country that has the freedom to vote for their leaders and get rid of them if they royally screw things up. Look at it this way, if we make it to see another four years we will have no choice but to elect a new president. Let’s all be Americans about this people. Grow up, it’s not kindergarten.

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