Happy Halloween

Ahh Halloween, thinking about it conjures up long forgotten memories of innocent childhood. Telling ghost stories, dressing up in a costume and going door to door begging for treats, and watching scary movie marathons. My childhood was just before the holiday began to become more “sanitized”, as if we who did as kids have traditionally done for the past few centuries should never have made it to adulthood. People too afraid to step outside their own front yard anymore. Admittedly though many neighborhoods are no longer good fun places to revel in Halloween merriment. All the crazy murderers, pedophiles, and drug addicts saw to that. Now everyone goes to parties or church sponsored “trunk or treat” events which just don’t sound like much fun. Most children today will never no the fun of exploring the neighborhood safely and the excitement of a mischief loving neighbor popping out of a bush in a creepy costume just to make you jump a few feet off the ground but nothing else, or checking out the various decorated houses without the need to be in a car, and the pillowcases totally filled with sweet treats and sometimes even coins. And in schools, you did not have to worry about offending anyones religion or culture since in America it is pretty much a non secular holiday. Kinda like how Christmas is now lol. Sad how things slip away after time though. All the joys of childhood end and there is nothing left to fill the void.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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