Where You Are Meant to Be???

A couple days ago on a social networking site I still have an account on, yes I have one but don’t use it much, one of my contacts puts up on her status something along the lines of “No matter where you are in life, you are where you are meant to be.” I had a little trouble with this statement, for obvious reasons and more, therefore stupidly felt the need to comment on it somewhere along the lines of, “So I am meant to be a poor loser girl from Detroit on the brink of being totally poor and possibly homeless? I was also meant to be bullied and tormented all my childhood even by some of my relatives, to the point of wanting to kill myself before I was 13?” I should know better than to type anything but hey, it touched a nerve and not just on a personal level. I am sure my beloved relative meant no harm as she is a wonderful relative despite some quirkiness, but this is what I get from that message, from my logical viewpoint:

According to the message, all people who are poor, hungry, homeless, unemployed, and hopeless are meant to be that way or else they should change their situation.

According to the message, all children being abused in the world are meant to have that happen to them. I shudder at such a thought myself.

According to the message, all those that get bullied, many to the point of wanting to end their lives, are meant to be bullied in life.

According to the message, all these women in countries where they are second class citizens are supposed to be there abused, having their “lady parts” mutilated, being forced into sex slavery, getting stoned to death, and all the other stuff that happens to them.

According to the message, everyone in third world countries or places devastated by disasters of some sort, are meant to be dying of starvation and disease.

According to the message, two people in love being separated causing eternal heartbreak is supposed to be that way.

According to the message, Dreams that never come to fruition is supposed to be that way, and that dreams are supposed to die.

According to the message, people and countries at war are meant to be at war even though we all know war is hell.

According to the message, all the ills of the human race and of the world are as it is meant to be.

According to the message, bad things happen to good people because it is meant to happen.


According to the message, criminals set free to commit their crimes again are meant to be set free?


And pardon me, but not everyone can so easily change their situation. That doesn’t mean that they were meant to be in such a situation. I know I never felt as if I am where I am meant to be, in fact I know I am not where I am meant to be but here I am 😦 So I must question the logic where I see it flawed.

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