Refreshing Walk

Not sure why I don’t do it more often, but damn it felt good. I know this summer has just been way too hot to do anything though really. Talking about walking. It’s that thing the tv preaches to people about to keep them healthy and fit. Did not do it because of the tv though. Just on a whim I decided it was a beautiful 80 degree day with a breeze, not much activity going on in the neighborhood, I want to get out of the house anyways, and I needed to go to the pharmacy to get my overpriced prescriptions. I’ll get to the pharmacy part in a minute or two lol.

Wayyyy back when I was in my late teens and early 20’s in Hamtramck, I used to walk every day approximately 3 miles or so. It was a way for me to destress myself, and just get away from things. Hamtramck is a little city surrounded totally by Detroit for those of you out of staters. All that walking helped me stay somewhat fit and able to down a pudding pie and Coke without ballooning into Two-Ton Tessie. That was kinda my regimen at the time, walk from the south end to the northern boundary, buy a snack and pop at the party store on the corner, then walk all the way back to the south end while every so often stopping into a store to browse if I felt the urge. Hot and sunny, or cold and snowy, I would go for walks. Wasn’t for health benefits, just because i wanted to. Many relatives would compare me to my great aunt who also enjoyed walking up and down the main drag. That woman though was always small and skinny as death lol. I’ve lost touch with her but looking at recent pictures, she reminds me of the Crypt Keeper from the old “Tales From the Crypt” tv show. but even with her being around 90 or so now she is still quite healthy from my understanding. A little looney but she was always looney, loved her though lol.

After I moved from Hamtramck, I got out of the walking for the hell of it thing. The area I moved to wasn’t really near any good walking strips where people were not driving over 50 mph down the road. Sure you had nice neighborhoods, but it just wasn’t the same. It was pretty much a driving city. That and my busy schedule got me out of the pattern, as I was no longer within walking distance from my job. Years went by and I ended up here just south of Detroit. Still didn’t get back into the pattern. On occasion, I would walk around the blocks or down US 24 a bit but never got into habit. I probably won’t get into the habit again but it was fun and I might do it again. I would prefer to walk around a shopping area like I did when I was younger, but I have to drive to get to a shopping district lol. For a moment though, as I walked down US 24, I felt kind of refreshed if only for a short time. I’m sure my legs and blood pressureĀ thank me.

Okay, now the pharmacy part. It’s short but something I thought slightly humorous. When I was picking up my prescription from the counter, the pharmacist gave me the price. Instead of simply stating the fact that my pills now cost almost $94 for one month’s supply, he says it as if asking me a question like he’s not sure. I told him, “Unfortunately yes, but I would rather it be back to costing only $20 but thats not bound to happen anytime soon.” I’m sure that brought him a smile he could carry for the rest of his work day. In my mind I am thinking, “Yeah keep raising the prices, I love making the decision of medicine vs. food. I’m just gonna love sucking on my bottle of Miracle Whip and dipping out spoonfuls of sweet pickle relish into my mouth for dinner tonight thank you very much because I have no real food in my house because everything else is so expensive I cannot afford to go grocery shopping”. Though I will have to find money soon, I’m running out of condiments lmao. I laugh only to try and conceal the fact that I know this is all bad for me and my metabolism is going to tank again so when I do get food I will gain weight again.

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