Jury Duty

Well, Things unfolded as I stated yesterday. Wednesday night I did not eat any dinner until around 10pm, then jumped into the shower, then went to bed for a few hours before having to wake up again and take a trip to downtown Detroit. I was zombified but some extra strength 5 hr. Energy supplement helped a little bit. The regular strength does nothing for me since I do not have much sensitivity to caffiene. Sat in the waiting room for about three hours before my name got called, then stood for another hour and a half in a hallway (I was tired of sitting) outside the courtroom assigned, so yeah I got to go into the courtroom this time around for selections. This time, I actually got called to sit in the juror seats where the judge and attorneys discuss the case at hand and interview people to see if they are suitable candidates to sit on the jury. I sat there and could not think of any lies to tell to get myself out of serving while they were asking questions and eliminating people that they felt would not be good choices. Could have came up with a lame excuse like the guy behind me and say I just don’t have time for this stuff. Yes, someone actually told the judge he had no time which elicited some chuckles from everyone in the courtroom because nobody ever has the time for jury duty, just something we have to do in this country. Of course the judge laid into him a bit telling him how lucky he is that in this day and age we no longer have military drafts, which took a lot more than just one or two days out of your life to do something you probably rather not do. After all was done, I was still sitting in a juror chair. For the first time in my life, I’m going to sit on a jury. While not the most exciting thing in the world, it could be interesting. I get to participate in the judicial process. My main problem with it is that it strips me of some work hours, but as long as it does not turn out to be a long drawn out case it may be a nice change of pace for me. I do not get paid time off from work so making it too long would be bad. Could be sort of an adventure. I need one of those. So now actually I am not not looking forward to it.

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